Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Sidney Crosby Finally Going to Return to Hockey?

I know many readers out there are just living and dying to know when our favorite son, Sidney Crosby will play again.  All of Canada holds their breath that they might see Crosby in a Penguins uniform some time this season.  In fact, my friends, Crosby has been cleared by doctors to return to the ice for full contact hockey.  Isn't this great, well maybe not for Malkin's chances to win the MVP.  The Penguins seem to have been playing fine without the second great one, but he must come back.

How will Crosby play?  That has to be up for debate, I think that he will be a little timid at first because he knows one brutal hit and he gets to sit in the box again to see the games.  That would not be half bad, free drinks and free booze in the box, how could you not want to leave that part of heaven?  I hope that he returns and plays well because apparently all of NHL network can calm down about it.  NHL network apparently has been buzzing since the news of the return of Crosby hit the airwaves.

I think one problem that might surface is that many of the Penguins players have been questioning Crosby's toughness.  I think the real question, and I do not mean to be a jerk, but when was he ever tough?  This is the same man that was crying to the officials about fans throwing too many hats on the ice, after Alexander the Great's hat trick.  Plus, many other players have come back much sooner from concussions than Crosby.  For example, Brent Seabrook has sustained multiple concussions and come back and played even when he probably should have been on the bench.

Another question or problem that might arise is that can Crosby and Malkin play together?  I am surprised this has not received more attention because ESPN made it into one of the biggest questions when they questioned if Melo could play with Lin after his injury.  Malkin, many or maybe just me, would argue that he is having his best season in the NHL.  If Crosby is out there, trying to be awesome or more awesome then Malkin, this might kill his MVP chances.  But if you remember when the Penguins won the cup, it was Malkin that was the MVP so maybe we should not be so worried.

I think what the Penguins really need to be worried about is what if Crosby gets laid out in the first game.  What if he takes a really hard check into the boards or in the open ice?  Is he at a point where one more hit could really force him into retirement or serious brain damage?  One has to think that is why the Penguins have been very cautious with Sidney and his return.  Luckily for the Penguins is that they have kept winning and there has been no rush to get him back into the lineup.

Personally, I am glad he has not been in the line-up because everyone always gets over-hyped on a superstar player.  I think it has given many players, not just Malkin, a chance to show what they can do.  I think it has given the Penguins a great ability to scout other players on the team, and in the system on the AHL level.  I am sure once he comes back all the news will be about how he is feeling or player or what not, and NBC especially Pierre McGuire might be able to be happy again.

So, all you Penguins fans out there are happy, I tried my best to right an objective blog about your man, your hero, your world, Sidney Crosby.  I must point out that in this entire blog, I did not refer to him as Cindy or a Crybaby, a real sign of maturity here.  So, in the future, I hope to be more objective and refrain from name calling...ok that was total b.s.  So, let's give Cindy Crybaby Crosby a big "Welcome Back to the NHL."

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