Sunday, March 25, 2012

Men's Frozen Four 2012 - Tampa Bay - 2nd Round Update

I told yall this was coming, and this is Seasons in the Sun's 2nd round update for the Men's Frozen Four 2012.  As you remember or if you did not read the first round update, Seasons in the Sun's bracket had a pretty rough start to the tournament.  On the second day, it was much better, picking 4 of 4 games correct in the top section of the bracket.  We had much hope that the second round would go better for us, and it really has.

Since the first day, Seasons in the Sun has not missed a game in which we had an available team to win the game.  We picked Boston College over Minnesota Duluth, the Eagles pulled off the victory 4-0.  Have to bring up the cliche that if you want to be the champ, you have to beat the champs.  Minnesota Duluth was last year's champ and the Eagles just took them out, pretty easily.   I was a little surprised about the score but it was played in Worcester, MA.  That was one of the reasons that I picked Boston College in the first place.

The team that Boston College will play in the Frozen Four semifinal is the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  The Gophers beat North Dakota 5-2 in the first game on Sunday.  North Dakota had a tall order, playing their biggest rival in St. Paul, Minnesota, in the second round of the tourney.  Minnesota provided to be too much for the Fighting Sioux.  This was another pick that Seasons in the Sun got right, the second on the day.  Should be a really good match-up between Boston College and Minnesota in the national semifinal in Tampa Bay.

The third team that made it into the Frozen Four, in a game that was played yesterday, was Union (NY).  A newcomer to Division 1, Union (NY) beat Mass. - Lowell to advance.  This was the third and final correct pick for Seasons in the Sun.

The final team that made it to Tampa was Ferris State, they defeated Cornell on Saturday as well.  Ferris State was the lone team from the CCHA to win in the tournament.  Their match-up against Union (NY) has be somewhat of a surprise because much of the old guard in college hockey probably had Michigan getting to the Final Four.  Well, the old guard can still have their Boston College vs. Minnesota in the top section of the bracket.

If you do not remember from earlier posts Seasons in the Sun picked Boston College over Minnesota, and Union (NY) over Denver or this is case it will have to be Ferris State.  In the championship game, Seasons in the Sun has Boston College over Union (NY).  If I remember correctly, I think we called it a 4-2 victory for the Boston College Eagles.  The National Semifinals will be on April 5 at 4:30 pm and 8 pm.  The Championship Game will be on April 7.  All the Frozen Four games will be on ESPN2, because ESPN is too cool (no pun intended) to put hockey on ESPN the main network.

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