Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Scott Howson Reading My Blog?

"If you take a look at the Blue Jackets roster and their corresponding salaries, you just have to scratch your head and ask why the hell are they paying so much for crappy players.  Let's start with Antoine Vermette, the Jackets paid him almost 4 million dollars in 2011, and what do they get for that a -17 in plus/minus in 2012.  They paid Sam Pahlasson almost 3 million dollars in 2011, and what do they get for that 2 goals from their center, child please.  Another awesome move was paying Fedor Tyutin almost 3.5 million, and the results, a -18 on the plus/minus.  Thanks Howson."

This is a direct quote from a blog submitted by Seasons in the Sun about how bad the Columbus Blue Jackets have been overpaying crappy players.  Due to recent events, the trade of Vermette and today, Sami Pahlasson was sent to Vancouver it has me wondering if Scott Howson is reading my blog.  If he is, that is great because I have some other ideas that I will get into later when I have the time.  Like trading for a star defensemen.

Now if you follow the Jackets, you might say well they just traded for Jack Johnson.  That is nice, but Jack Johnson has never been more then a second line defensemen in his 5 year career with the Kings.  I am talking about someone on a Chara, Duncan Keith or Brent Seabrook level.  The Blue Jackets need all star players so that they can get better.  Having draft picks is nice, but many draft picks are unproven in the NHL, that is why they need someone good to step in for next year.

So, I will close with this, thank you Scott Howson for reading my blog and trading two of the three players, we cited as being a problem on the Blue Jackets.  Maybe before the draft you can also get rid of Fedor Tyutin, it would be greatly appreciated by the fans.  So, Scott Howson have a wonderful day, I know you love our blog.

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