Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Columbus Blue Jackets

Tonight the Columbus Blue Jackets lost to the Nashville Predators 4-3 in a shootout. I just feel really frustrated that the Blue Jackets do not get the puck on net enough.  They need their defense men to step up when they are at the blue line, and fire the puck in on the net.  Nothing bad has ever happened to any team that puts the puck on the net.  When you put the puck on net it leads to more rebounds that the centers and fowards can put back into the net.  If they do not work on this there is no way with the strength of the division that they are going to get into the playoffs or if they do they will not make it very far.

I want to talk about for a second what the Blackhawks do, and do quite well, and I am really not trying to be biased but more just to prove a point.  If you watch the Blackhawks when they come into the zone, neither Duncan Keith or Seabrook are afraid to fire the puck on net.  Both players have deadly shots from the point, and with screens in front they score alot of goals that way.  Also, the forwards for the Blackhawks, or even Toews, get alot of "garbage goals" because they pick up the rebounds and put the puck back into the net.

The Blue Jackets have good players and there is no reason they should be settling for home losses to the worst team in their division.  They are way too good to be playing like they did tonight.  I do not want to single anyone out because they know who they are.  I hope they are able to respond in the next game with their poor performances and in a couple of cases they were benched for most of the 3rd period.  Its just really frustrating for the fans, that feel like a couple years ago when they made it to the playoff this was the start of something good.

The Blue Jackets would make it a lot easier on themselves and Rick Nash if they would put the puck on net more.  Rick Nash, is hands down the best player on the team and I think sometimes when you are the best player on the team you try to do a little too much at times.  This tends to lead to other players, kind of standing around watching, or passing too much to try to get Nash the puck.  If they would just shoot it on net, it would open up more opportunities for Nash and the other guys to get those "garbage goals."  Basically, what I am trying to say is lets cut out the flashy passes, get some screens and put the pucks on net.

The Blue Jackets have big players that could provide effective screens on the goalies.  It so does not seem like they do that as much as they should when they set up their offense.  If they could get players like Boll, to get themselves stationed in front of the goalie and set screens those pucks from the point would start going in. Not only do the Blackhawks do this but if you ever watch the Red Wongs, and sometimes they get away with interference and the Red Wongs also get alot of "garbage goals."  I understand that the Blue Jackets might not have the talent on all 4 lines like a Red Wongs or Blackhawks but they could surely copy the style because both Chicago and Detroit have been winning a lot of games in the last couple of years.

I hope if youre a Blue Jackets fan you do not see this as hating on the team but rather calling out the team to an instrumental part of the games, where they are lacking.  I know the Blue Jackets can win games, but they really cannot give up games like this at home with the strength of the division.  Many times when it comes down to that 8th spot it goes down to the last game of the season, because the races are so tight. The Blue Jackets need to fire the puck more on net, and I promise you, good things will happen for this team soon.