Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Return of the Whale

Many people have asked me why do you like the Hartford Whalers?  Why would you join their cause?  You've never been to Hartford...why this? why now? why why why why why?

So this is my answer, have you ever read something and wanted to help someone out?  Have you ever felt that someone was wronged and you felt you needed to aid the effort?  This is how I felt when I first read about the Whalers, and how the team had been sold and then moved to Carolina.  The Whalers fans had raised about 11,000 season ticket holders for the 1997 season, but it would be for not.  The team was already gone, and the fans had to suffer.  I was frustrated that this kind of ownership is aloud to happen to people, I would not want any of my favorite teams to move.

Another reason I wanted to help the Hartford Whalers was that besides The Black Hawks they have the greatest logo in the NHL.  Also, how can you not love Pucky the Whale?  Has too be one of the greatest mascots in the NHL, so much better then the Detroit Red Wongs, child please.  Plus, they have the brass bonanza their official theme song.  There is not a better team song in the NHL today, that is more recognizable.

I have started a facebook group called "lets bring back the hartford whalers" right now it only has 15 members but hopefully I can get more.  I have signed internet petitions to the state of Connecticut for resources to build a new stadium.  This was one of the fundamental problems with the Hartford Civic Center, there are not enough luxury boxes.  I believe that if a new stadium is not built it will be very hard for Hartford to get the team back.  I also sent an email to the city of Hartford asking them if there was anything I could do to help bring back the team.  They probably thought I was crazy so they did not respond to my email.

People ask me whats the possibility of them coming back, I say that nothing is impossible.  Its a traditional hockey town with a solid fan base.  Also, they recently held a reunion on the 13th and 14th of August for former players and coaches.  They are holding a week long hockey event in February 2011, where hockey will be played outside for an entire week.  The week will be highlighted with a game of former players from the Whalers against former players from the Bruins.

The Hartford Whalers need to come back, the city of Hartford needs them back.  The NHL has spent too much time expanding to non-traditional hockey markets.  The NHL needs to get back to its roots, and Pucky will have his revenge on the NHL.

Sign the Petition at  Thanks.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seasons in the Sun

I have named this blog after song that I heard that was covered by Nirvana, generally because its a simple song.  The purpose of this blog is to be straight forward about sports, music etc.  Also, the title can work metaphorically on another level, the sports media today is too obsessed with reporting on negative stories.  It is my opinion that more reporting should be done on players that are involved with charities, and not whether not someone got a DUI last night.  My hope is that either way that you see this blog for the non-complex terms in which stories are presented and you might get a chuckle from some of the randomness.

What do you intend to write about?
Sports, Music, and general stuff that will help you get away from your boring job.

What can we expect from this blog?
Alot, you can expect intensity about rivals, teams, and if i dont like something I will tell you that straight forward...ex I hate Notre Dame...I like Chicago...I dislike every team in New York besides the Islanders.

Why are you doing this now?
Well because ESPN is too full of drama now a days, and we need to get back to the sports and the teams.  ESPN has done a great job of individualism or should I say focusing on one or two players from a team, and not reporting on the rest of the team.

Last Question...What team do you hate the most?
The Evil Empire - The Yankees, I hate them because they have no regard for the competitive nature of MLB and the sad thing is that MLB wont do anything to stop it, because its all about dollars and cents.