Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Columbus Blue Jackets and the NHL's version of Mike Brown.

Anyone that watches hockey knows where the Columbus Blue Jackets are and that is in the cellar of the NHL.  Its not like they are down there with anyone else the next closest team is at least 10 points higher than the Jackets currently.  So, far this season for the Jackets has been marred by injuries, suspensions and a firing of one coach.  So enter the man that I put full responsibility for this tragedy that could be liken to Gen. Custer's Last Stand, one Scott Howson.

Scott Howson might have played in the NHL but he has no business being a GM in the league.  The Jackets waited way too long to fire the last coach and bring in Richards, the new guy.  Granted if you are on the suits side of things you could say that all the players that he brought in for this year got injured.  I was so full of hope for this team in the beginning and it's pretty much been downhill since day one.  Howson biggest failure to this point to surround Nash with players of some kind of talent.

Nash has pretty much had to carry this franchise on his back since he stepped into the building.  Howson and the rest of the corporate brass have done nothing with Springfield (the Jackets AHL team) as it comes to developing players.  Further more, they have wasted draft picks about as well as Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Neither Scott Howson or Mike Brown have any grasp on the concept that if the team wins more money will come into their pockets.

Take a look at Forbes list of the most valuable sports teams and you will find teams like the Yankees or the Red Wongs.  What do they have in common, they win, they win alot.  I am not saying that the Blue Jackets will just magically become awesome, you have to start with your young players, and let's face it Nash is not getting any younger.  Scott Howson has put himself into a position where he must trade Nash to maximize trade value or risk Nash pulling a Lebron James and getting the "F" out.

If you take a look at the Blue Jackets roster and their corresponding salaries, you just have to scratch your head and ask why the hell are they paying so much for crappy players.  Let's start with Antoine Vermette, the Jackets paid him almost 4 million dollars in 2011, and what do they get for that a -17 in plus/minus in 2012.  They paid Sam Pahlasson almost 3 million dollars in 2011, and what do they get for that 2 goals from their center, child please.  Another awesome move was paying Fedor Tyutin almost 3.5 million, and the results, a -18 on the plus/minus.  Thanks Howson.

I could go on and on about how well the team is paid and how poorly they have responded to that, but I will spare you the boredom.  I just wish that Howson would wake up and see what a train wreck this franchise has become.  They are going to have to sell the parts at this point and start all over again.  I just do not see any hope for them to make any drastic moves that would help the team with out starting over.  I think we need to discuss another problem for the Jackets and Howson; that is the Central Division of the Western Conference.

All of Howson's problems and lack of attention to the team has put the Jacket in an impossible place to compete in their own division.  While both the Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues have gotten consistently better the Jackets well have been stuck in neutral.  Not too mention the two elder brother in the division Chicago and Detroit.  Both of whom are consistently competing for Stanley Cups not just getting into the playoffs.  So, if you do not get top talent onto the Jackets, Howson there is no shot for them in the division.

So how far out are the Jackets right now?  Thanks to Mike Brown, I mean Scott Howson they are 29 points out of 4th place in their division.  That means just to break even with the 4th place team, they would have to win 15 games in a row and the 4th place team would have to lose the same number of games.  Like, I said earlier they are the worst team in the NHL by 10 points or 5 games.  Let me remind you that there is only about 24 or 25 games left for the Jackets so this season is pretty much a wash.

Well Jay you said Howson waited too long for the Jackets to fire their coach, do you have any real proof that this is the case?  Yes, I do, the Ducks of Anaheim where down in the cellar with the Jackets at one point of the season, and they fired their coach, now they are taking steps out of the cellar.  Granted that their success did not happen over night and they were able to pick up the Washington Capitals coach when he was fired; you just cant sit there and feel sorry for yourself you have go out and get some wins.  If you can string a couple of wins together then you can get some confidence.

So how bad has Howson made it?  It's so bad that its hard to watch their games.  I want to root for them, and I want to give them support but they just do not have it right now.  Maybe next year it will get better, but I will never get my hopes up so high for them again.  Howson, I think you owe the players and the fans a public apology for what you have done to this team.  I think you should step down if you really care about the long term success of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Thank You, Good Day.

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