Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks: More Soup Please!

The Chicago Blackhawks have signed Brian "Soupy" Campbell to a 1 year deal just north of the $2 million mark. Campbell played for the Blackhawks from 2008-11. He became a cap causality and was sent down to the Florida Panthers. He had made it pretty clear in the last couple of weeks that he wanted to return to Chicago. He stated that, "his heart was in Chicago." The Panthers offered him a $5 million deal but he passed it up to become a Blackhawk one more time. There are a lot of people happy to have him back in Chicago.

Campbell got the primary assist on Kaner's goal that won the Stanley Cup in 2010:

Campbell's return will definitely help the Blackhawks on the blue line. Though Van Riemsdyk is up and coming, it will be nice to have more veteran leadership. Once Oduya was traded to the Dallas Stars, the Blackhawks were definitely lacking some leadership back there.
Soupy's Cup!

Not only will Campbell be able to provide some extra leadership, he will be able to save some minutes from top line defensemen, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. Both of those players have logged a ton of minutes the past couple seasons. Having Campbell back will cut down on their minutes especially on the power play, if Quenneville does not want to play the younger players.

So, the Blackhawks got a veteran piece at a super discount price. The haters will say they only got a discount price because of his age. As I mentioned before, the Florida Panthers offered 5 million, and the Blackhawks signed him for 2.2 million. When you are as close to the cap as the Blackhawks are, saving 2.8 million can help you sign a couple of prospects or go after a free agent.
Soupy getting defensive!

I am going to stay optimistic about the signing. I think its great that Campbell is coming back to the Blackhawks. The top 4 defensive positions will be solidified again. Campbell's veteran leadership will help younger players like Van Riemsdyk, and assist on the power play. There are just too many pluses about the Campbell signing to be ignored. Soupy is a great player, and I am thrilled he is back on the Blackhawks.

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