Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The Chicago Blackhawks played the Columbus Blue Jackets on April 4th in Columbus, and won 4-3 on a goal with 3.7 second left in the 3rd period. The 'Hawks currently have a 13 game winning streak over the Blue Jackets, and a 9 game winning streak in what I like to refer to as United Center Jr. (Nationwide Arena). So today when I opened my twitter account for this blog I saw that Nationwide Arena had favorited a tweet that I had made about the game.

 favorited your Tweets
Apr 4 and from tonight 'Hawks look to take the streak against to 13 in a row wa 

Now what makes this seriously comical, at least to me, is that Nationwide Arena's Twitter Account is acknowledging, "You're right Nationwide Arena is really United Center Jr." That or apparently they weren't reading what they were favorited-ing, which probably could happen. Either way I feel like my nickname for Nationwide Arena has been completely validated. I would like to thank whom ever favorited this tweet on behalf of Nationwide Arena.

If Letestu was not wearing his home jersey you would think this game was in Chicago.
The question now has to become can you really call Nationwide Arena, United Center Jr? Given the number of 'Hawks fans that show up for games in Columbus, I do not think that it is a stretch to do so. Routinely, the "Let's Go Jackets" cheers turn into "Let's Go Hawks." Full sections of United Center Jr. are full of 'Hawks fans. Now I am sure that winning 2 out of the last 4 Stanley Cups have helped this cause, coupled with a lack of consistent play by the Blue Jackets until the last couple of years. Personally, I do not feel bad about calling it United Center Jr., and neither should you.

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