Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The End of HIMYM Through the Eyes of a Blackhawk Fan

Yesterday was the final episode of the TV Series, How I Met Your Mother, and it has outraged many many fans.  They were pissed about things like Robin and Barney got divorced, or the fact that the woman that turns out to be the mother of his kids is killed off.  In all honesty, they probably should have called it How I Ended Up With Robin, but that is argument is for another time and another place.  The question I have for Robin is would she have really denounced her beloved Canucks for the Chicago Blackhawks as she claimed in the 2nd to last episode?  This happened when she became unraveled before the wedding and asked Ted to run off to Chicago.

Now lets talk about Robin for a second before we get any further into this discussion.  She is one of the only main characters in American TV that happens to be from Canada and actively supports hockey.  On sitcoms now a days you rarely see support from a female role supporting hockey.  Honestly, I think it is great, there needs to be more of it.  What's wrong with attractive female roles being Canadian and supporting hockey? Absolutely, nothing!

Now Ted being from Cleveland, and as far as hockey goes outside of the Lake Erie Monsters there is no professional hockey.  So, he probably does not care about this gesture that Robin has made about offering to become a Blackhawks' fan but I think we need to get into the scope of the sacrifice she would have been making.  As a Hawks' fan you have to respect what Robin is willing to give up, because let's face it, the Canucks and Hawks are not best of friends.  If a woman is willing to give up her team for you, you better take it especially if the new and old teams are blood rivals.  YouTube hit the films:

And Part 2:

And Duncan Keith's Elbow to Sedin's Head:

Kelser and Ladd have a go:

And finally a Vancouver TV Station subjects the Canucks to Chelsea Dagger:

So you can see, there is no love loss between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks.  When a woman makes a gesture like this, have some idea what she is sacrificing to give up to make you happy.  If you don't have any idea, well buddy that is on you.  Have a good night, oh, and Frozen Four is in two weekends in Philly, somebody get fired up! Robin, I will always love you! Chelsea Dagger take us home!

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