Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hockey Drinking Game

We have talked to many people and it seems that they just do not watch hockey.  We have tried to explain why it is better than other sports but with limited success.  As a result of all this time spent, we have decided to make a hockey drinking game.  Let's face it, people like to drink, it could be water, Capri Sun or alcohol.  You can play this game with whatever beverage you want, but it is recommended that if you are of legal drinking age you should play with a couple of beers.  It would also be recommended if you want to par take in this game that you have a designated driver, or just stay at a friend's house.

The Rules:

Socials - If you are unfamiliar with Socials, it means that everyone drinks.

  1. Any time play is stopped for an injury.
  2. Any reference to Crosby when the Pen-goons are not playing.
  3. Any time the puck goes out of play.  (Into the safety netting, or the crowd)
  4. Any play/goal that is under review.
  5. Any time the goal is knocked off the pegs.
  6. Any time there are no carry-over penalties from the period before.
    1. A carry-over penalty is a penalty that is not over at the end of a period.  Penalties are not carried over from game to game.
One Drink for the Following Events:
  1. Any time your team ices the puck.
  2. Any time your goalie freezes the puck.
  3. Any time your team is off-sides.
To The Face - A phrase that means finish your beer:
A picture of a line brawl.
  1. Any time a player on your team is thrown out of the game.
  2. Any time a player on the opposing team scores a hat trick. (3 goals by the same person)
  3. Any time a player on the opposing team scores a Gordie Howe hat trick (an assist, a goal and a fight).
  4. Any time the opposing team wins and items excluding towels, beverages are thrown on the ice.  (ex. squid in Detroit, rats in Florida)
To The Face Socials - A combination of a Social and To The Face, everyone finishes their beer.
  1. During a Line Brawl. A line brawl is when there are multiple fights on the ice at one time.
Goals - Drinks for when the opposing team scores.
  1. Beginner's Game - One drink for every goal scored.
  2. Advanced Game - First goal is one drink, Second goal is two drinks and so on.
  3. Extra drink for a goal when the goalie's water bottle is knocked off the goal, or if the camera inside the net is destroyed by the goal.
Penalties - Drinks for penalties on your team. 
A full penalty of St. Louis Blues.
  1. A 2 minute penalty = 2 drinks.
  2. A 4 minute penalty = 4 drinks
  3. A 5 minute penalty = 5 drinks
  4. A 10 minute penalty = 10 drinks
Multiple Penalties on the same player or team.
  1. Beginner's Game - All penalty time will be added up and said player will take drinks for the full amount of penalty time.  Player can pause for a couple of seconds between different penalties.
  2. Advanced Game - The same as the Beginner's Game except there is no pausing drinks for different penalties.
  3. All parties involved will count in a timely fashion for person drinking said number of beers.
Miscellaneous Rules:
  1. Finishing one's beer does not stop said player from finishing said drinks.  All drinks will be carried over to the next beer.
  2. In the event you run out of beer, the game will be over.  Any unfinished drinks shall not be forgiven, unless all the players agree otherwise.  If no agreement, all drinks will be carried over to the next game. 

Cheating - Cheating will not be tolerated in this game.  If said player is found to be cheating or have broken a rule.  Each of the other parties involved in the game will get to slap the cheater in the face.  Game will not restart until all parties have slapped the cheater in the face.

The Friendship Rule - In the event that a said player passes out, or is puking in the bathroom, the game will be paused.  The game will remain paused until player stops puking and is deemed ok by all parties playing.  If player passes out, said player shall be carried to bed and tucked in.  The game can only restart once said player is ok or in bed.

  1. If all parties are rooting for the same team, all arguments will be won by the person that is most sober.
  2. If all parties are not rooting for the same teams, all arguments shall be won by the fan of the losing team at that point in the hockey game.
  3. In the event that, the most sober or fan of the losing team is completely wrong and just arguing for the sake of arguing, that player will be slapped in the face as if he/she was cheating.
If you have other rules you would like to add they must be agreed upon before the game starts.  It also must be agreed upon before the game starts if you are playing the beginner's or advanced game.

This game was founded in the interest of having fun and friendship.  If a player becomes out of control, other parties can cut that person off.  This game was also made for entertainment purposes if you actually play the game, please be safe.  There is no reason to act crazy and hurt yourself and/or others just because you are drunk or on a sugar buzz.  Capri Sun can be substituted for alcohol if kids wish to play the game with the adults.  In any event I hope you have fun, and watch some hockey please!

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