Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mr. Malkin's Penguins

I would like to start this entry citing the emotional conflict that exists inside of me, writing a story about one of the hockey teams that I do not really care much for, the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Most of my dislike comes from the fact that NBC is in love with them and Cindy Crosby himself.  I feel that I must write this because there is one person in Pittsburgh that's really never received the love that he deserves, Evgeni Malkin.  Maybe its because Cindy Crosby was supposed to be the next Great One, or simply maybe its the fact that he is Russian.  Whatever the reason we are about to give him some serious love here at Seasons in the Sun.

We will just start with the numbers this year for Malkin, which are way up because his boy Cindy Crosby is still suffering from concussion like symptoms from a hit that occurred circa 2 years ago now.  Malkin leads the league currently in points with 55.  He is 3rd in the league with 25 goals and 9th in the league with 30 assists.  His 6 game winning goals lands him 2nd in the NHL, that not too shabby of a category to be 2nd.  I think the city of Pittsburgh should be happy the way that he has played this season in the absence of Cindy Crosby.

Malkin did not just start winning and playing well with the Penguins this season.  The man has competed for Russia in the U18 and U20 IIHF World Championships, coming away with a gold, two silvers and a bronze medal.  In 2006, he was the MVP of the tournament for his efforts.  Also, he has helped Russia to two Bronze medals in Turin and Vancouver, in the last two Winter games.  So, we know that he has been reppin' Russia very well.

Let's talk about what he has done since he has been on what has been called Cindy Crosby's team.  In 2006 as a rookie he won the Calder, which is for the league's best rookie player.  In the year they won the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh it was not Cindy getting the hardware for the MVP, it was Malkin.  In root to being named the MVP, he led the playoffs in scoring.  If I remember correctly Cindy was also injured in that series too.  It seems to me, as an outsider, that Cindy Crosby is pretty fragile.

In conclusion, I think we need to take a hard look at the Pittsburgh Penguins and see what the driving force has been, its really been Malkin and not Crosby.  Crosby can have all this talent but if he keeps getting injured its only going to be a matter of time before the kids of Pittsburgh have more 71 jerseys than 87.  I hope the Pittsburgh fans appreciate what Malkin has provided for them, many goals and a Stanley Cup.  So, lets remember who's team this really is, sorry Cindy, I am revoking your man card.

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  1. Right on cue, Malkin has a game winning OT goal in a 4-3 victory over the Washington Capitals.