Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NHL Second Round Playoff Preview and First Round Wrap-up

It was a very entertaining first round of the playoffs, alot of great hockey being played.  Only problem was, if you do not get the VS. channel you probably did not get to see much of it.  Not having VS. was a little bit annoying but most of the games were streaming online.  If you think for one second that this blog does not know anything and these idiots on ESPN are the only people that can pick and analyze match-up then you are crazy.  If you go back and see the series that I picked which was 6 of 8 series, I had all six right.  Yeah this blog is that good. No, we arent good here at Season in the Sun blog we are freaking awesome.  So why are we freaking awesome?

Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals -  New York Rangers - We picked the Capitals, and the Capitals won in 5 games.  The Capitals did not choke in the first round, unbelievable.  They played well and they won in 5, I thought the series might have gone a bit longer but oh well.  I am just glad New York is out, its no secret I do not like New York.

Philly Flyers - Buffalo Sabres  - We picked the Flyers, and the Flyers won in 7 games.  We said the only way that the Flyers would lose is if they had a meltdown in net, they almost did.  The Flyers used 3 different goalies in the series.  In the end, they were just too much for the Sabres.  The Flyers have so many weapons on offense.

Boston Bruins - Montreal Canadians - We picked the Bruins in 7 and the Bruins won in 7.  We said the Bruins would luckily win, they won almost all the games in OT.  This was a really great series, very intense, very physical and just very entertaining.

Pittsburgh Penguins - Tampa Bay Lightning - We put Pittsburgh on upset alert and they did not listen.  We picked Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay won in 7 games.  Tampa Bay beat Pittsburgh one to nothing in game 7.  It was the first time since the 1970s that the Penguins have blown a 3-1 series lead.

Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks - Chicago Blackhawks - Vancouver wins in 7, this was one of the series that I did not want to pick in fear of jinxing my team.  Vancouver has a better team and a cry baby GM.  The Hawks were down 0-3 but came back and forced a game 7.

San Jose Sharks - LA Kings - We picked San Jose and they won in 6.  San Jose Sharks much like the Flyers have alot of offense and alot of questions in net.  Niemi has not played as well as he did last year, but he has time to make that up.  The Kings are a quality team and forced the Sharks to the limit, but the Sharks got the W in the series.

Detroit Red Wongs - Phoenix Coyotes - We had to picked the Red Wongs unfortunately, we were hoping for 6 but the Coyotes were never in the series getting swept 4-0.

Anaheim Not So Mighty Now Ducks - Nashville Predators - We picked this series too close to call, and the Predators won in 6.  The Predators defense was able to shut down Corey Perry and friends for most of the series.  I am going to be honest, I thought that this would go 7 games but Nashville came to play and the Ducks not so much.


Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals - Tampa Bay Lightning - The Capitals looked very impressive in their opening round series against the Rangers.  The Lightning took down an undermanned Penguins team that was without its star players.  I think the Capitals are the better team here, not to discount the Lightning in any way but the Capitals just have more talent. Let's go with the Washington Capitals in 6.

Philly Flyers - Boston Bruins - This is going to be a great series.  Two very physical teams and there will be some fighting here.  If you like hockey, it does not get any better then the Bruins and the Flyers.  This series is going to come down to whether or not the Flyers can get good goal tending from any of their goalies.  I think the Flyers win in 7 games.

Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks - Nashville Predators - If the Canucks fall asleep again they might not be so lucky against the Predators.  The Canucks have a better team, they are deeper with more talent, but do not write off the Predators.  They have great defense and Pekka Rinne the goalie is pretty solid.  I am going to have to go with the Canucks, just too much for Nashville, but its going to be a hard series.

San Jose Sharks - Detroit Red Wongs - This series is going to come down to whether or not Niemi and the Sharks play well on defense and in the net.  The Sharks have the offensive weapons to destroy the Red Wongs.  The Red Wongs seem to play very well at this point of the season but they are getting old.  I want to pick the Sharks but I am going to pick the Red Wongs to try to jinx them.  Red Wongs in 6.

The second round should be just as good as the first, couple of the series that the teams know each other very well, especially with the Sharks - Red Wongs, Flyers - Bruins, and Capitals - Lightning.  It should be very entertaining, if you do not have VS., go to a bar and watch the games, its going to be awesome.

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