Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cindy Crosby - the most overrated player in the history of sports.

Warning if you are a Cindy Crosby fan I would urge you to use your best judgement on whether you want to continue reading the paragraphs and sentences below.  There will be much discussion about the most overrated player in the history of sport, not just hockey.  Do not get me wrong, he does have some talent, if he did not have any talent the kid would have not made it to the NHL.  The part that make me sick is how bad Gary Bettman and NBC seem to be in love with this guy.

First things first, he is so overrated.  Look at the team in the cup finals, he got injured and Malkin and the rest of the guys took over and won the cup with Cindy on the bench.  I personally feel that Malkin, when healthy, is so much better then Crosby that they should give Malkin the "C" on his jersey.  I also feel that no one else gets any credit on the team because the NHL is always kissing Cindy's feet and throwing rose pedals all over his path.  

The team's success without the so called greatest player in the NHL does not end there.  Cindy has been out since January with a head injury because someone hurted him.  I doubt they were sorry either, but that is another topic for another day.  The Penguins this year have 102 points, and they are within striking distance of Philly and the division.  This is hard proof that the Penguins really do not need Cindy anymore.

Another thing the Penguins do not need is all of Cindy's crying.  He has the full nickname of Cindy Crybaby Crosby or just call em Triple C (kinda like Triple H but alot less manly).  I have never seen anyone cry to the refs as much as he does.  Maybe he just had too good of a childhood and got everything he wanted but now he is getting nothing; I better get the kid a box of kleenex.  Sometimes, I even feel bad for him because he just looks so sad out there, a boy among men.

His crying reach ignorant levels in the playoffs a couple years back when he asked the officials to tell the fans to stop throwing hats after Ovechkin scored a hat trick.  Seriously, Cindy who does that?  He was asked about it in the post game press conference to explain what happened and he just looked like a total jerk.  If you want to see what I am talking about just go to you tube and search for Crosby crying about Ovechkin's hat trick.  It's really a sad day for all Penguins history, have a little respect Cindy for Alexander the Great.

Another part of his game that is really suspect is his diving.  Now Jay what is diving in hockey?  Diving in hockey which is actually a penalty but its rarely called like travelling in the NBA; is when a player is barely touched by anyone and falls to the ground like a ton of bricks just fell on him.  Cindy has a real bad habit of diving all over the ice.  That is why most hecklers in the NHL when anyone else is diving, they say, "Quit diving like Crosby out there, child please."  Cindy must have watched a lot of soccer when he was growing up and learned to dive from the soccer players.

In conclusion, I really do not have any beef with the Penguins, except for beating the Black Hawks in the Stanley Cup finals when Roenick was playing.  They are a great team, they just have one problem Cindy Crosby.  I feel that there might be hope he could stop crying and diving once he gets older.  If this happens I am sure that the rest of the NHL will respect him, plus the fans will not be as harsh on him.  Though, there is nothing more pleasing to my ears when the Philly fans chant "Crosby sucks, Crosby sucks, Crosby sucks."

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