Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seasons in the Sun

I have named this blog after song that I heard that was covered by Nirvana, generally because its a simple song.  The purpose of this blog is to be straight forward about sports, music etc.  Also, the title can work metaphorically on another level, the sports media today is too obsessed with reporting on negative stories.  It is my opinion that more reporting should be done on players that are involved with charities, and not whether not someone got a DUI last night.  My hope is that either way that you see this blog for the non-complex terms in which stories are presented and you might get a chuckle from some of the randomness.

What do you intend to write about?
Sports, Music, and general stuff that will help you get away from your boring job.

What can we expect from this blog?
Alot, you can expect intensity about rivals, teams, and if i dont like something I will tell you that straight forward...ex I hate Notre Dame...I like Chicago...I dislike every team in New York besides the Islanders.

Why are you doing this now?
Well because ESPN is too full of drama now a days, and we need to get back to the sports and the teams.  ESPN has done a great job of individualism or should I say focusing on one or two players from a team, and not reporting on the rest of the team.

Last Question...What team do you hate the most?
The Evil Empire - The Yankees, I hate them because they have no regard for the competitive nature of MLB and the sad thing is that MLB wont do anything to stop it, because its all about dollars and cents.

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