Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh My God, They're Going to Win the Cup

Captain Serious 2013
After looking through some of my post before I went on a hiatus from the blog, I realized that I never really talked about the Blackhawks winning last year's Stanley Cup.  They say that you will always remember where you were when your team wins the championship in any sport.  So without any further introduction this is my story of how the Blackhawks won the 2013 Stanley Cup.

It was Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, it felt very similar to the 2010 Blackhawks' Cup win.  There was the chance to win the cup on the road for the second time in 4 years.  The opponent for the second time was a team that I respected greatly, and just hoped they would not rough up the 'Hawks too much.  The only problem for me, this time, is that I had to work until 7:30 pm which did not give me much time to get home on time to watch the game.  I kid you not, I was totally looking for karma that day.
Kaner after the goal 2010

Some of the my co-workers at work ask me, "Would you like to see this series go to a Game 7 so they can win it at home?"  The answer had to be "no,"  you want to win the Cup wherever you can.  In 2010, the Cup was won in Philly and I had no problem about that.  If I remember correctly, I was standing on my couch at the end when they finally showed Kaner's goal in the back of the net.  Not only was I looking for karma that day, I was really nervous.  You know, shaking, cannot sit still, yeah that was me.

Karma would come in the form of a request of a co-worker.  A friend and co-worker ask me to stay for him until midnight.  At first, I told him I would think about it, and it did not take long for me to agree to work for him.  So, I figured if I get the work done, there would be time to see the game.  The day seemed to take forever, but finally it was time for the puck to drop.

Now, I was coming in and out so I did not get to see the whole game.  I saw stretches of the game and then was forced to go back to work, hoping beyond hope the 'Hawks could pull this one out.  The game came down towards the end and with 3 minutes to go some work came up.  Looking for one last shot of karma, I started to leave the break-room; my boss told me that we had enough people and not to worry about it.  So, I sat there shaking with a couple of my co-workers in the break-room.

In hockey when you pull your goalie, its pretty much like playing Russian Roulette.  You either win or there is a really great chance that the other team is going to score.  My blood pressure was probably at an unhealthy level by that point.  Then Captain Serious found Bickell in front of the net for the first goal.  Now my immediate thought was there was too much time left for Boston to come back and score the game winner.  I was still nervous and really unsettled.

Then somehow, someway, Bolland puts the second goal into the net.  It was unbelievable, I started jumping up and down, mind you, that I am still at work.  The goal was followed by a moment of silence, where many believe that even the NBC guys were a little amazed by what had just transpired.  The best line I think, was made by one of the guys, when he said, "It was like a yard sale, he lost his stick and he lost his gloves."  That was pure genius in the spot, because Bolland, when it was said and done did not have his gloves or his stick after the goal.

There was still time though, there was not much but there was still a chance for Boston to tie it up.  They shot a puck in and Crawford sent it to the wall, it was forced out to Captain Serious and he hit it down the ice as the clock counted down to the end.  As the puck went down the ice, I said to a co-worker, "Oh my god, they're going to win the cup!!"  Then it was over and I was in another place.  Jumping up and down in the break-room, and shouting whooo!  I kid you not, by this point I was a bit light headed.

It was honestly one of the best games I had ever seen, in any sport.  Somehow it topped the 2010 Stanley Cup, which in its own right was one of the best Game 6s in Stanley Cup Final history.  I do not really care how old you get, when your team wins, it should be ok to act like a kid again.  I love sports, and I am pretty sure I will love them until I die.  I will always remember where I was when the 'Hawks won the 2013 Stanley Cup, and how a little bit of karma by helping a co-worker really went a long way.

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