Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the Last Day of the Chicago Black Hawks Championship Reign.

Tonight is Game 7 between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks, so someone will be drinking from Lord Stanley's Cup.  Thus ending the one year reign of the Chicago Black Hawks.  I clearly hope that the Boston Bruins can pull off the unthinkable, because everyone has been picking the Vancouver Canucks since the beginning of the season.  The only problem that I have with the Canucks, is well I have many more problems with them then just one, lets just start with their dirty play.  Burrows bit one of the Boston Bruins earlier in the series.  There was that hit on Thorton by Rome, and both players have not played since.  Rome was suspended for 4 games.

Not only has their dirty play been apparent in this series.  They also targeted Seabrook in the first round against the Chicago Black Hawks.  I have a serious problem with teams and coach that go out and target star players on the opposing team.  I am not sure why the Canucks felt like they had to use this approach because they clearly had a deeper and better team then Chicago this year.  Seabrook was never the same after the hit and I think this type of nonsense needs to be taken out of the game.  I do not think that NHL is doing enough about it because it seems like it is happening more and more.

Another problem I have is with Luongo the goalie for the Canucks, last year he told Patrick Kane he would see him in the playoffs at the Olympics.  The Black Hawks destroyed the Canucks last year in route to winning the cup.  Clearly, it took an under manned Chicago team for the Canucks to get past in 7 games.  I think Luongo is arrogant, hell he called out Tim Thomas during the series saying that he could of made the save in game 6.  This is coming from a man that has given up around 15 goals in 3 games at Boston.  I think someone needs to shut this guy up because I am sick of him.

Just so that I am not getting all enraged about how much I dislike the way that the Canucks are playing, I am going to make some comments on the Chicago Black Hawks season.  They far exceeded my expectations of this season.  They barely made it into the playoffs, but they did lose many players from the team that won the cup.  As you know many of the players were sent to the Atlanta Thrashers, sadly they are now moving to Winnipeg.  While, it would have been nice to keep the players like Niemi, other players like Crawford in goal, stepped up and played very well.

I had mentioned to in last paragraph that the Thrashers have moved to Winnipeg.  This is beyond ridiculous, because the fearless leader Gary Bettman (the worst commissioner in any sport, in any time) said the NHL would fight to keep teams from moving, guess that does not apply to Atlanta.  Way to go Bettman, just straight out lie to the fans.  They became the only franchise in the NHL to lose 2 franchises (They lost the Flames to Calgary).  This comes on the heels of the NHL's two year fight to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix.   It just really sad that the NHL cannot be truthful to their fans.

So, with that said, just like last year when the Cup was brought out in Philly, and Gary Bettman comes onto the ice he will be again met by a chorus of boo's.  He is the only commissioner that is constantly boo'd.  If I was him, I would entertain the idea of stepping down.  That or I would take a step back, and think to myself gee why are they booing me all the time?  Clearly because you are a liar, stop lying and we will stop booing.  Fans just want the truth and they do not want to be taken for a ride.  I am a fan of and there is now much hate for the NHL in Atlanta, I do not see a team ever coming back.

On a final note, the whole Thrashers situation makes me nervous about the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Both the Jackets and the Thrashers have similar stories, only been to the playoffs once, both teams were swept out of the first round.  The Jackets just never have been able to get serious pieces around Rick Nash, one of the best players in the NHL.  If they do not start winning I would give this team about 5 years in Columbus because the stadium is always full of opposing fans.  I have also never sat in my assigned seats once, I have always moved down.

I hope you all have enjoyed the Stanley Cup finals, and I hope you will be rooting for Boston tonight!

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