Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Logo's in NHL Hockey History.

I am kinda bored so I thought it would be fun to tell you about my favorite hockey logos.  Now you might think these rankings are a little biased but thats ok.  Some of the teams are not around anymore, and I hope they come back soon, hint hint Gary Bettman. So without further a-do:

1. Chicago Blackhawks - Chief Blackhawk - How can you go against Chief Blackhawk?  The face is great, the 4 feathers are great.  The fact that they actually used different colors on each feather could not have been cheap in the beginning.  The other thing that is great about this is that its honoring Chief Black-Hawk which was a real person.  To go historical on you, there wars between the Indians and the settlers in the Illinois region during the Andrew Jackson administration.  Andrew Jackson sent out the troops to put down the Indians in what became known as the Chief Blackhawk War in 1832.

2. The Buffalo Sabres - The Buffalo Above the Two Sabres - The color scheme in this logo is really good, and I love the Buffalo above the swords.  Unfortunately, the Sabres went away from this logo for awhile, trying a red, black and white thing, I did not like that at all.  They have actually brought this logo back in an alternative jersey. I think that ownership in Buffalo is trying to get this back into the team, because lets face it, its a great logo.

3. The Hartford Whalers - The W with the Tail at the top - This was a great idea, but too bad that the team folded in 1997.  Also Pucky the Whale that was featured on the jersey on the shoulder patches, was also a great part of this jersey.  Its funny that really simple logos like this one and the Sabres logo that are really really cool.  Its sad that the team folded like I said, hopefully the NHL will come together get some of these teams out of non-hockey markets and bring the whale back to Hartford.

4. The Minnesota North Stars - The N pointing to the North Star - I just want to say the North Stars was a great idea for a team name.  Its original and its not like Tigers, or Wildcats or something that is over-used.  The fact that the logo points to the North Star makes it even better.  Besides the NFL Packers I do not know if green and yellow has looked so good together ever in the history of man.  This another dream of mine, that the Dallas Stars come up with a new name so that the Minnesota Wild can change their name back to the North Stars, it would be great.

5. Vancouver Canucks - The Red, Black, and Yellow/Gold Logo - Called the "Flying Skate" this is another dead logo that most people do not remember if they were not around in the 1990s.  Vancouver did away with this logo in 1997, funny the same year that the Whalers had their final season.  Since then the Canucks have gone with a C with a killer whale at the top of the C.  This logo sucks in my opinion, I did not know there were a bunch of killers whales rocking it in Vancouver.

These are my top five favorite logos in NHL, if you agree, disagree, or just like something else, you could comment in the section below.  Thanks, have a great day.

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